World animal day

World animal day - 04/10/09 - Wereld dieren dag  

hi friends

over 2 days its animal day, so we gonna celebrate with the most world animal day photo Competition

so send your lovely animal photo to sannemaassen@gmail.com and we will put all the photo's on the site.

so please enter :) and have a great animal day!!!

(it will end on 06/10/09)


El'bow and Hauwii


15:59 Gepost door Hauwii El'bow in Algemeen | Permalink | Commentaren (3) | Tags: oktober |  Facebook |


Is that Hauwii a puppy or just a midget dog? I just read your profile "sometimes I'm active!" Hehehe.


Gepost door: Mango | 02-10-09

hi mango

hauwii is a older puppy just a year and 2 months

Gepost door: elbouwii | 02-10-09

OH, I will try to find a suitable photo before tomorrow!

Gepost door: Honey the Great Dane | 05-10-09

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