Can a dog fly?

Hauwii can !! Knipogen


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What a great shot!!

(sorry I have not been around, Boys - I have actually been visiting and reading your posts but my human has bad RSI so she is trying to avoid typing if she can - so she couldn't help me leave comments!)

Gepost door: Honey the Great Dane | 05-10-09

Hey El'Bow - have you been to visit my friend, Mango? He is a Mastiff also and he also has a little brother who does Agility - so you two have a lot in common! You should go over to his blog to say hello! It is: http://mangosgreatadventures.blogspot.com/

Gepost door: Honey the Great Dane | 05-10-09

hi honey we have know mango the mastiffs blog :-D he is great!!! sanne loves him! and thank you for the comment

Gepost door: elbouwii | 05-10-09

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