El'bow does agility

my human sanne is crazy!!! watch the video and you will see why


ooh yeah: know you cant say  A MASTIFF cant do this :)







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Active meditation is important. You were so fast on those jumps! Like a blur. I did agilities until I grew up. I almost got stuck in the tunnel. Now I just work on my dance moves and stuff in the yard. We have jumps. I kind of randomly bounce and if I go over, I do, if not, no big deal! But those weave poles kind of pinch me!


Gepost door: Mango | 06-10-09

oh elbow - that was the funniest video ! I loved it ! especially your mastiff style of doing the jumps - my friend mango tells me he also does the same thing ! my human says she loves "active " dogs like us because we are so cute and so easy to live with and we know how to relax in life...

Gepost door: Honey the Great Dane | 07-10-09

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